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We offer additional services with our products. Please contact us for more specifications. We would be happy to share all the details.

ReDat Cloud Recording

The Cloud recording service presents the implementation of calls recording and processing of recorded calls and their administration and quality management in a hosted virtual environment. This service can withstand even the most demanding requirements from our customers for functionality, availability, performance, reliability and last but not least for safety.

  • Replication and archiving of records
  • Access to records from anywhere
  • Availability of advanced functions of ReDat eXperience
  • Customization of services´ parameters and performance
  • Service support 24x7x365

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Business Analytics service

Business Analytics provides one-off analysis of recordings. The service analyses the contents of contact centre calls, reports on how cross-sales and up-sale calls are handled or monitors on-going campaigns. Business Analytics allows customers to try out the potential voice analysis provides using their own data without investing in a new system.

  • No need to invest in a new system
  • No installation or commitment
  • Consultation and interpretation of results included

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Quality Management Support service

This service may be applied and deployed on installed and functional ReDat systems with an installed QM module if the system user has an acceptance agreement. The service supports ReDat system Quality Management modules including QualityChart, VoiceProcessor, Topic Detection, Reporting, and others.

  • Configuration of basic evaluation forms and templates
  • Overall support and overview of new features
  • Proposals for contact centre development
  • Consultations concerning Quality Management

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ReDat Application Server migration to ReDat eXperience

This special service ensures a smooth and flawless transition between two generations of application platforms with a system upgrade and new functionalities without the risk of data loss. Cost of the migration service is scaled based on the current quantity of recordings in the older generation system.

  • Minimised transition risks
  • Service scalability
  • Guaranteed data preservation

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This service installs and commissions the system customised to customer needs. Acceptance testing is an integral part of installation. Installation or portions thereof may be conducted remotely via VPN in the event of special conditions and access to the agent’s network (commissioning over VPN, remote support during acceptance testing).

  • System installation
  • Completion of acceptance testing
  • May be provided via VPN
  • Customised to customer specifications

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Training, certification and consultation

Products in the ReDat line comprise a comprehensive call recording and quality management system. We conduct seminars and workshops for customers and partners to ensure 100% utilisation. The primary goal is to streamline ReDat system management and operation.

  • User training during implementation
  • Administrator training
  • Integration certification
  • Partner, supervisory and business training

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Support services

The ReDat service department is prepared to resolve situations and incidents on-site and remotely using our special monitoring and supervisory centre. Comprehensive services or a specific service may be selected from the pre-defined list of services.

  • System monitoring
  • Remote support
  • Defined response time
  • Guaranteed system development

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