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Model ReDat system solution

Hundreds of successful ReDat system deployments give us the ability to prepare and install the most effective recording systems. The basic model solution can be adapted to specific requirements. Contact centres, dispatch centres and ATC/ATM all use ReDat.

Contact centre solutions

ReDat is an indispensable management tool for efficient management, measurement and control of contact centre performance. The system assists with campaign analysis and agent workload and can recognise specifically monitored parameters.

  • Process and analyse all communication channels
  • Manage and develop contact centre human resources
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Long-term monitoring and updated overviews of current campaigns
  • Advanced voice analysis technology

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Dispatch centre solutions

ReDat is a highly modular system with broad integration potential. Needs to record dispatch applications, from telecommunications equipment to software applications, are completely covered. Such dispatch applications are typically diverse (power, transport, police, fire and rescue units, etc.).

  • Complete reconstruction and evaluation of dispatching incidents
  • Easily accessible dispatching communication
  • Functions for analysis, reporting, training and investigating incidents
  • Easy integration with other dispatch technologies
  • Central data back-up and system administration

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ATM/ATC solutions

The ATM/ATC segment demands recording systems deliver maximum stability and security with a sufficient level of quality. ReDat for ATM/ATC offers reliable solutions for demanding industries like air transport.

  • Centralised recordings
  • 4Kx2K records of agent screens
  • Web browser environment
  • Time synchronisation
  • Analysis, reports, training and incident investigation

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