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ReDat Management System

ReDat system management and automatic supervision.

ReDat Management System

ReDat Management System provides overall supervision and management of ReDat recording systems. Central management and automatic supervisory resources are necessities for all critical applications, including the recording system. These resources facilitate regular and occasional technical administration of important recording systems.

  • Easy and transparent interpretation of abnormal conditions
  • Independence from any supervisory applications
  • Standardised protocol
  • Simple integration with third party supervisory systems
Basic models of system operation

Integration into an existing system

The first model considers integration of the ReDat recording system into the customer’s superior supervisory system, which is typical when a customer already operates their own SNMP-based supervisory system to monitor all operational elements of the network. In this case, the ReDat recording system element is simply added and the system is supervised by existing resources.

Comprehensive solution

In the second model, the ReDat system customer does not yet operate its own supervisory system. RETIA delivers and provides support for supervisory applications to provide the user with all required functionalities. These supervisory applications facilitate the continuous monitoring of the ReDat system and management of received messages.


Within the ReDat Management System, any abnormal recording system condition is indicated in the supervisory application. The supervisory system itself is transparently grouped into individual structures of codes applied to all parts of the system to facilitate easier interpretation of these error messages. The ReDat Management System communicates using the SNMP protocol, which delivers numerous advantages. The greatest of these is standardisation of this expansion protocol and the independence this provides from supervisory applications.

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