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ReDat eXperience

Recording, managing and analysing voice recordings.

ReDat eXperience

ReDat eXperience offers a complete set of tools for managing voice recordings and contact centre quality management, including voice analysis and recording agent screens. It offers the ability to group users and sources of recordings. User-friendly controls streamline work with applications.

  • Quality management solutions for contact and dispatch centres and telecommunication agents
  • Scalable solutions for contact centres big and small
  • Customisable application bundles
  • Intuitive controls designed from the user’s perspective
  • Extensive language support

The ReDat platform provides more transparent and intuitive environment and audit tools for organising recording systems. We have retained the useful and practical properties of previous generation systems that share loggers, provide presentation interfaces and use many optional software module applications thanks to their modularity.


ReDat eXperience delivers

A system of user rights

  • Hierarchical structure of sources of recordings (agent, branch, recording channel) using groups
  • Hierarchical structure of users using groups
  • Easy mouse controls to change user rights by moving users between groups
  • Detailed user permission settings etc.


  • RAID5, RAID6, SAN/NAS support
  • Encryption of recordings archived in memory (optional)
  • Archive service on dedicated memory hardware

Client-focused approach - web browser support

  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

Pre-configured user environment

  • User-defined buttons for accessing the most often used workflows
  • Broad range of options to individually configure the environment
  • Separate environment settings for each of the used roles

History of system statuses and user activities

  • Separation between system and user recordings
  • Ability to add notes to events (e.g. comments on the cause of a system error)
  • System audit and diagnostic tools


  • External playback control using an independent XML protocol platform
  • The protocol's independent API platform is accessible for integrating voice playback into third-party applications

Advanced system configuration

  • User-defined columns
  • Expanded optional rules for replicating recordings
  • Intelligent tools for archive maintenance 

Filtering options

  • Expanded search options using time, including a floating filter, i.e. the past week
  • Overview of selected filter options
  • Pre-selection of commonly used filter options
  • Favourite filters
  • Filter testing before saving (change to settings)

More transparent editing of recording items

  • Quick access to the selected recording row
  • More transparent browsing through recordings
  • Floating enhanced player on the desktop
  • Quick categorisation of recordings

Playback and export functions

  • Multimedia player as a native part of the playback station software
  • Graphic visualisation of recordings
  • Synchronous playback of audio data, screen data, USB-HID data and surveillance and radar data
  • Export functions for most types of data combinations
  • Creation of export packages compliant with security requirements (resistance to manipulation and misuse)

Expanded options for searching and filtering recordings

  • Grouping of recordings - e.g. two-level grouping of the list of recordings by group level and agent
  • Unmarked recordings may be hidden
  • Sorting of recordings (ascending/descending order)
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