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ReDat Cloud Recording

Hosted recording solution

ReDat Cloud Recording

The Cloud recording service presents the implementation of calls recording and processing of recorded calls and their administration and quality management in a hosted virtual environment. This service can withstand even the most demanding requirements from our customers for functionality, availability, performance, reliability and last but not least for safety.

  • Replication and archiving of records
  • Access to records from anywhere
  • Availability of advanced functions of ReDat eXperience
  • Customization of services´ parameters and performance
  • Service support 24x7x365

"Software for calls recording as a service (SaaS)"
Why Cloud Recording?
  • The TREND today.
  • SAFETY (complies with the GDPR regulation).
  • NO INITIAL COSTS, customers pay only for a service.
  • Guarantee of the system availability.
  • Currency of all available application resources.
  • Reduces the operational cost of recording system and superstructure applications.
Service security solution
  • We use the latest technologies related to the data centre (DC) operation.
  • Long-term storage of records is realized in the DC, which is certified for the operation safety of IT services according to regulation ISO 27001.
  • Fully redundant DC operation, which complies with the Tier III certification (redundancy N+1)
  • The service is in compliance with the European regulation GDPR and Czech law no. 101/2000 Sb.
  • Acquired records are encrypted and the secure access to records is guaranteed.
  • You have security audit and system supervision at your disposal.

The implementation and use of ReDat Cloud Recording services is associated with cost reduction, which not only reduces the cost of initial purchase, but also reduces costs associated with regular system maintenance, training of employees, infrastructure maintenance costs of new versions of recording software, including the implementation of partial components of the ReDat Recording System.

  • Minimal entry costs
  • Reduces operating costs for recording system management and administration
  • Guarantee of high availability of records in the DC at any time and from anywhere
  • Storage of encrypted records in a secured DC with an audit trail of access
  • Encrypted communication (system versus client)
  • Quick implementation of records´ needs
  • Easy and fast extension of system functions, including voice analyses
  • Flexibility of performance customization of virtual servers to the current monitored state of the system
  • Automatic implementation of new versions and system repairing
  • Regular system maintenance and development
  • System supervision 24/7/365

Business Model
  • Rental of recording equipment including licences.
  • Making accessible selected functions of the ReDat eXperience application server.