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ReDat Application Server migration to ReDat eXperience

ReDat Application Server migration to ReDat eXperience

This special service ensures a smooth and flawless transition between two generations of application platforms with a system upgrade and new functionalities without the risk of data loss. Cost of the migration service is scaled based on the current quantity of recordings in the older generation system.

  • Minimised transition risks
  • Service scalability
  • Guaranteed data preservation

Several hundred ReDat Application Server application platform installations have been installed and commissioned during the many years of development of the ReDat® system.

The new generation of these platforms, ReDat eXperience, has been available for more than three years. Its proven performance and popularity exceed the previous generation by leaps and bounds. The application platform is an important element in a stable ReDat system.

The service fully ensures the migration of data from the now obsolete ReDat Application Server to ReDat eXperience.

Migration is scalable based on the quantity of data to be migrated. The service is also designed to restrict existing operations as little as possible.