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Quality Management

Quality Management

Contact or dispatch centre success is grounded in systematic evaluation of the quality of work of agents and continuous improvement of their abilities. Quality management can help deliver a significant improvement in contact centre operational efficiency, lower operating costs and improve the flexibility of response to future needs.

  • Effective tool for managing agents
  • Increase contact centre productivity
  • Ability to review call contents
  • Develop long-term service quality trends
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty management

ReDat Coaching

ReDat Coaching was developed specifically for contact centres. It speeds up and simplifies communication between supervisors and agents during their day-to-day work. The system is based on adding tags to calls in the player. Tags may contain any type of note. Groups of persons with permission to view notes may also be defined.

  • Simple and efficient communication between supervisors and agents
  • Marking areas of interest in calls
  • Allows agents and supervisors to react directly
  • Advanced system of access rights and grouping
  • The module uses the ReDat eXperience GUI

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ReDat QualityChart

ReDat QualityChart is a software module designed exclusively as a ReDat eXperience extension. It is a tool for evaluating the level of an agent’s work and is used for systematically grading the quality of their work given their professionalism and customer requests and reactions.

  • It speeds up the work of evaluators
  • User rights control access to evaluation functions and results
  • Uses open-format (fully modifiable) evaluation forms
  • Call and non-call interactions (emails, chat, etc.) can be evaluated
  • Editable evaluation score calculation

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ReDat Reporting

ReDat Reporting is a software module designed exclusively as a ReDat eXperience extension. This analytical reporting module is used to configure advanced analysis and subsequent graphical presentation, archiving or sending to the appropriate email.

  • Create and analyse different types of reports and overviews
  • One-off or regular reports
  • Templates based on specialised expertise
  • Ability to create custom templates
  • Processing of internal and third party system data

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