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Long-term development of the ReDat system (comprehensive call recording and Quality Management) and hundreds of successful deployments are a point of pride. Satisfied customers include contact and dispatch centres, banks, state institutions, rail operators, airlines and smaller private companies. The ReDat eXperience logger and application platform, with modules and peripherals, is the foundation of every system. The right combination and settings enable us to cover almost any specific needs.


Reliable recording of a broad spectrum of communication channels carried over variable, often incompatible, technologies is the basic function of the ReDat system. ReDat has loggers capable of recording voice, data and images. These make ReDat among the most universal systems of its kind. Every logger comes with an integration tool for third-party systems, which opens a world of unimaginable possibilities for our customers.

  • Reliable and stable recording of voice, screens and data communications
  • Broad portfolio of supported interfaces
  • Modularity and scalability
  • High level of security
  • Advanced diagnostics

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Voice analysis

What to discover the contents of calls to your contact or dispatch centre? Need to learn more about how these calls are handled? Want more ways to efficiently and quickly assess communications? Do you find yourself wishing you had an overview as to how current campaigns are progressing? Do you lack a way to promptly respond to unexpected events at your contact or dispatch centre? ReDat system voice analysis can handle all these needs and many more.

  • Automatic data mining from recordings
  • Exploitation of speech-to-text technology
  • Fluency detection
  • Emotional analysis of call recordings
  • VAD and SAD support

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Quality Management

Contact or dispatch centre success is grounded in systematic evaluation of the quality of work of agents and continuous improvement of their abilities. Quality management can help deliver a significant improvement in contact centre operational efficiency, lower operating costs and improve the flexibility of response to future needs.

  • Effective tool for managing agents
  • Increase contact centre productivity
  • Ability to review call contents
  • Develop long-term service quality trends
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty management

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Operation & Support & Security

An overview and simple, but comprehensive administration of the ReDat recording system, just like security when working with sensitive data recordings, are the key traits of the ReDat system. Our solutions are often installed by the banking sector and by security services.

  • Comprehensive operational monitoring of the entire system
  • Restriction of unauthorised modifications
  • Fingerprint security
  • Indication and identification of abnormal conditions
  • Harmonisation with customer security requirements

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Application platform and Integration

The application platform, with a complete set of tools for managing voice recordings, quality management and contact centre integration, including voice analysis and recording the screens of individual agents, brings added value to the ReDat system. The entire application platform environment is intuitive and transparent, including the control tools for organising work in the recording system.

  • Solutions for large and small contact centres
  • Variability in selecting applications, functions and modules
  • User-customisable and intuitive environment
  • Sophisticated system of access rights
  • System audit and diagnostic tools

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