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Operation & Support & Security

Operation & Support & Security

An overview and simple, but comprehensive administration of the ReDat recording system, just like security when working with sensitive data recordings, are the key traits of the ReDat system. Our solutions are often installed by the banking sector and by security services.

  • Comprehensive operational monitoring of the entire system
  • Restriction of unauthorised modifications
  • Fingerprint security
  • Indication and identification of abnormal conditions
  • Harmonisation with customer security requirements

GDPR in ReDat systems

The GDPR applies to all companies and institutions and also to individuals and online services that process user data. On the principle of operation, the recording system captures, records and archives communication between the company and its potential customer. The data generated during this communication is considered personal in most cases. The ReDat system responds to the new legal framework by the following measures:

  • Support of the GDPR processes (export, report, erasing of personal data)
  • Advanced logging of the data life cycle
  • Anonymization and data encryption
  • Integration into the third-party information systems
  • Customer Information Management Interface

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ReDat Indicator

ReDat Indicator is a software application installed on a Windows PC, which supports the real-time indication of recording channel status using visual and acoustic signals. The application is equivalent to the hardware signalisation module in ReDat recording systems.

  • Transparent graphic visualisation, acoustic signalisation
  • Ability to permanently monitor a recording channel in the Windows taskbar
  • Redundancy – a single link to monitor multiple workstations
  • Data network-based communication with the recording system
  • ReDat Indicator integration into the central application server

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ReDat Management System

ReDat Management System provides overall supervision and management of ReDat recording systems. Central management and automatic supervisory resources are necessities for all critical applications, including the recording system. These resources facilitate regular and occasional technical administration of important recording systems.

  • Easy and transparent interpretation of abnormal conditions
  • Independence from any supervisory applications
  • Standardised protocol
  • Simple integration with third party supervisory systems

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ReDat Verificator

Securing information technologies and recordings in today’s age is critical for ensuring quality business support and company operations as a whole. RETIA, a.s. has developed solutions responding to security challenges and the integrity of recordings. ReDat Verificator is a ReDat eXperience software module and a tool used to authenticate recorded phone calls.

  • Tool used to authenticate recorded phone calls
  • Creation of unique secured fingerprints
  • Proprietary data storage
  • Secure archive of secured files
  • Fingerprint authentication takes place in ReDat eXperience

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