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MiFID II is a new regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (2014/65 / EU) regarding Financial Instruments Markets that establishes the mode for investor protection, and is part of the legal system of all EU Member States. All entities providing financial services are required to act in accordance with this Regulation.


It follows from the MiFID II Regulation that it is essential for financial institutions to ensure a permanent, secure and undisputed phone communications record. In the case of a financial institution making a call via a fixed line, this way of communication can be recorded in the standard way. Nowadays, however, most calls are made via mobile phones, so it is also necessary to secure a record of such communication.

  • Recording on the operator infrastructure
  • MSISDN routing to the IP trunk
  • Three technical options of recording
  • Calls data transmission is strongly encrypted for security reasons
  • Recording of the call/sms/mms

Quality recording of mobile phones is, in principle, only possible by means of the operator’s infrastructure. For this reason, the operator usually offers the service of IP trunk mirroring with the customer calls for the need of recording. This method of mobile phones recording is realized in cooperation with a mobile operator who, based on the customer request, redirects the mobile phones set (MSISDN) into the IP trunk. The only condition for recording in this way is the existence of a mirroring service with a mobile operator.

Several technical options can be used to record calls through the IP trunk


Recording on the ReDat system directly at the operator.

Recording on the ReDat system in a cloud operated by the manufacturer.

IP trunk is brought to the end subject, where it ensures the record by existing or new technical means.


Speech data transmission is encrypted for security reasons.
Basic functions of the ReDat System for the requirements of the MiFID II
  • ReDat Recording System allows you to play recorded calls according to the permission system.
  • You can define a time of no / recording for all SIMs under a given branch.
  • Blacklisting - impossibility to record some contacts, supposing the information identifying this entity / branch / SIM is available.
  • SMS / MMS recording can be realized, assuming the interface definition.
  • Lze exportovat data do MP3 souboru.
  • Control of the archive filling.
  • You can sort / search for calls according to the metadata available in the IP stream (phone number, login / name of the employee, time, date, call duration ...).
  • Any signs available in the IP stream can be added to the calls.
  • Calls are available in the archive for the entire time of their storage.
  • Any record can be downloaded without affecting the HW load.
  • Stored records are encrypted with a strong cipher.
  • ReDat system enables to delete the archive automatically.

Who is the MiFID II configuration in ReDat system intended for?


Mobile operators offering recording as a service.

System integrators, datacentres, or other institutions offering recordings as a service.

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