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Reliable recording of a broad spectrum of communication channels carried over variable, often incompatible, technologies is the basic function of the ReDat system. ReDat has loggers capable of recording voice, data and images. These make ReDat among the most universal systems of its kind. Every logger comes with an integration tool for third-party systems, which opens a world of unimaginable possibilities for our customers.

  • Reliable and stable recording of voice, screens and data communications
  • Broad portfolio of supported interfaces
  • Modularity and scalability
  • High level of security
  • Advanced diagnostics

ReDat Recorder

ReDat Recorder is a professional software solution for recording voice communications from various VoIP-based communication technologies. ReDat Recorder also supports recording screens, data communications and general data, including additional information for audio recordings. ReDat Recorder is operated on standard server platforms.

  • HW independent of SW solutions delivered with the ReDat eXperience application extension
  • Recordings use a standard Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps)
  • Simultaneous recording of thousands of channels with different configurations
  • SNMP diagnostics and support for redundant solutions
  • Secure data storage protected from modification and misuse

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ReDat3 Recording Unit

The ReDat3 Recording Unit is a digital device using open PC architecture with COTS components and special RETIA, a.s. proprietary interface cards. It is designed to record and archive and then browse and play back audio recordings from different analogue, digital and IP telephony-based communication technologies. The ReDat3 Recording Unit also permits working with PC screen records and data communications.

  • Reliable and stable recording of voice, screens and data communications
  • Fully automatic
  • Unattended continuous 365/7/24 operation
  • Modular and scalable – record various types of interfaces with different configurations at once
  • Secure data storage protected from modification and misuse

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ReDat3 P Recording Unit

The ReDat3 Passive Recording Unit is a compact device. They are deployed in systems and environments requiring a high level of reliability with emphasis on minimising maintenance and service costs. The device has no moving parts, emits no noise and requires no operator.

  • Client-server based controls
  • Data saved to an SSD disk
  • 16-30 V power, rated for -5 to 55 °C
  • Dimensions: 195 x 200 x 101 mm
  • Quiet

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ReDat ScreenRecording

ReDat ScreenRecording is a professional software solution for recording up to thousands of PC monitors used by agents and dispatchers.

  • Reliable and stable screen recordings
  • Multi-screen recording supported
  • Screen recording may be triggered by a phone call or other trigger
  • Efficient compression and screen data video storage
  • Synchronised screen and phone call playback

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The ReDat DVI and DP units are hardware recorders for data communication using DVI-D, DP and USB (HID) interfaces and audio recordings from spatial microphones. This unit expands on available documentation and evaluation options in critical work situations for managing technological and transport processes. The unit is installed in situations demanding technical security (SIL).

  • Record from DVI-D, DP and USB (HID) interfaces and audio from spatial microphones
  • Unobtrusive recording
  • Activity of monitored DVI-D and USB interfaces unaffected by a power loss
  • Monitoring of recording channel loading
  • Live streaming and monitoring supported

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ReDat Voice Recording Gateway

The conceptually new ReDat Voice Recording Gateway (RVRG) product introduces the concept of independent interface recording of server and PC systems. No hardware interference or internal space in PCs or servers (card slots) is required on the customer side. The ReDat Voice Recording Gateway supports operation of the entire recording system using the customer’s server technology and full virtualisation of the entire recording system solution.

  • Virtualisation of the recording system solution
  • Independent solutions
  • Large available selection of interfaces
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Ease of service

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This external unit is designed to record activities on PC peripherals and sound from spatial microphones. The unit operates on the principle of hardware communication monitoring using the peripheral USB bus. Peripherals include a mouse, keyboard or touch screen (human interface devices, or HID) or a microphone.

  • HID recording and monitoring (keyboard, mouse, touch screen, etc.)
  • Non-intrusive monitoring (probe's electronic do not impact HID-to-workstation communications)
  • Microphone recording - optional, per directional characteristics, frequency range or sensitivity
  • Reproduction of microphone and HID recordings separately or synced together
  • Live microphone streaming available

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