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Elegant bulk export solution

10. 05. 2018

Smart export that knows when and when not to load a server...

Elegant bulk export solution

If individual records are exported, the information system has no problem managing this workload. The problem can occur when thousands of records are to be exported. This problem is effectively solved by the new ReDat eXperience module called Download Manager.

The actual export of recordings from ReDat eXperience is solved by a standard function of marking the relevant recordings and their subsequent export. This method is suitable for dozens, maximally hundreds of recordings. For the larger number of recordings (from the order of the thousands) it is now possible to use the new Download Manager.

Modul The module works on the principle of defined user tasks that are realized off-line.  

Download time is managed by the internal logic of the system to avoid unnecessary overloading.  

This list of tasks can be controlled and modified on the basis of user’s permission.  


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