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Application platform and Integration

Application platform and Integration

The application platform, with a complete set of tools for managing voice recordings, quality management and contact centre integration, including voice analysis and recording the screens of individual agents, brings added value to the ReDat system. The entire application platform environment is intuitive and transparent, including the control tools for organising work in the recording system.

  • Solutions for large and small contact centres
  • Variability in selecting applications, functions and modules
  • User-customisable and intuitive environment
  • Sophisticated system of access rights
  • System audit and diagnostic tools

ReDat eXperience

ReDat eXperience offers a complete set of tools for managing voice recordings and contact centre quality management, including voice analysis and recording agent screens. It offers the ability to group users and sources of recordings. User-friendly controls streamline work with applications.

  • Quality management solutions for contact and dispatch centres and telecommunication agents
  • Scalable solutions for contact centres big and small
  • Customisable application bundles
  • Intuitive controls designed from the user’s perspective
  • Extensive language support

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It follows from the MiFID II Regulation that it is essential for financial institutions to ensure a permanent, secure and undisputed phone communications record. In the case of a financial institution making a call via a fixed line, this way of communication can be recorded in the standard way. Nowadays, however, most calls are made via mobile phones, so it is also necessary to secure a record of such communication.

  • Recording on the operator infrastructure
  • MSISDN routing to the IP trunk
  • Three technical options of recording
  • Calls data transmission is strongly encrypted for security reasons
  • Recording of the call/sms/mms

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ReDat SmartConnector

ReDat SmartConnector gives customers the freedom to select any recording system in a way that is friendly to your original investment. It can extract data from recordings in other recording systems and add them to the ReDat system. ReDat SmartConnector is maximally universal and supports a specific level of individual customisation.

  • Transfer existing recordings to the ReDat system
  • Actively cooperate with the existing recording system
  • Process and evaluate recordings
  • Complete databases and sound files
  • Fully accessible in a single environment

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The ReDat application integration (API) provides a supported interface for integrating ReDat system functions and data to other applications (CRM, IS, etc.). This is a licensed module for ReDat eXperience. The ReDat API is a set of libraries and scripts without a user-accessible interface.

  • Set of libraries and scripts
  • URL call function - http communication
  • Open for development, can add other functions per customer requirements
  • Playback recordings from external application environments
  • Product includes documentation and examples of use

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