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About us

We conduct cutting edge in-house research and possess years of experience and our portfolio boasts a long line of orders completed for major customers in Czech Republic and around the world. RETIA’s uniqueness is based on the extensive and specialised expertise of our specialists, who resolve complex tasks in all areas of the company’s activities.

About RETIA, a.s.

RETIA is a technological company that develops, produces and modernises radars, rocket and missile system components, command and control systems, recording systems, UWB localization equipment and communication systems. These products are delivered to the Czech Army, NATO, other NATO armies and various other military and civil sector customers in Czech Republic and more than 40 countries around the world.

RETIA classifies its products under three basic programs.

Development and production of electronic radar systems and weapon system electronics for the armed forces in different countries.

The ReDat system, which represents a comprehensive voice recording system and quality management.

Production of localization and communication systems, used to locate people behind walls and to detect persons in urban areas or in rugged terrain.

RETIA, which today operates worldwide, was established in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in 1993 by a team of leading experts in the processing, display and transmission of radar signals and telecommunications.

About ReDat

ReDat products provide comprehensive solutions to record voice recordings and data on computer screens and deliver systems with high added value. Reliability and technologically independent solutions for quality management, voice analysis, phone communications and radar operations together with dispatch information system integration. Within its broad portfolio, ReDat offers a secure and stable system for the ATM/ATC sector. ReDat helps improve the abilities of agents and dispatchers, lowering costs for their training and thereby streamlining operations and improving services. Our customers include major mobile network operators, large banks, important utilities, integrated rescue system units and successful commercial call centres.

Thanks to the ReDat system, RETIA has achieved a dominant position on the market for recording systems for contact and dispatch centres and telecommunications operators in Czech Republic and Slovakia and become a major European supplier. More than 2,500 ReDat recording devices and system tools have been delivered and installed for various telecommunications technologies.

RETIA collaborates with major telecommunications equipment producers on the development of the ReDat system including Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Genesys, TTC Telekomunikace, Cisco, and we share our know-how with other important business partners.

Quick facts



OF ReDat



The ReDat system provides a technologically independent recording solution, quality management and voice analysis for contact centres of all sizes. Recording systems are commonly used by successful commercial call centres, major mobile network operators, large banks, utility companies and private companies in various sectors.

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A reliable recording solution for communication between dispatchers, including radio and data transmission, complete with integration into the dispatch information system is one of ReDat’s strengths. Our system is typically used by police, fire and emergency response units and in the transport and power industries.

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The ATM/ATC segment demands recording systems deliver maximum stability and security with a sufficient level of quality. ReDat supports short-term and long-term archiving of recordings, simultaneous synchronised playback of multiple channels and the recording of air traffic controller screens.