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A comprehensive solution for home office operators

“An extension of contact center functions for home office workers”

A comprehensive solution for home office operators

Numerous companies are crossing over to remote operation mode very quickly. The establishment of a home office is a new, unknown and till now untested situation for both employees and managers whose responsibilities include leading a team. For companies, it is desirable to have your team remain under supervision, as in normal work arrangements. Here comes the ReDat system with new functionalities that ensure the same functionalities as when working at the contact center.

How to ensure that the company remains productive?

To support the functioning of the home office and monitor work efficiency, we offer a professional software solution that records voice and text communication, or screens. Thanks to our solution, you will be able to effectively manage your contact center and employees and measure performance.

Voice recording variants

Agent interactions with customers can be recorded in several different ways depending on how the telephone infrastructure is handled. For example, if calls are routed through an existing PBX at the contact center, calls can be recorded in standard ways. In the case of using the network of a mobile operator, calls can be recorded via an IP trunk, which is brought to the end entity, where it secures the recording by existing or new technical means.

Mobile phone recording

Quality recording of mobile phones is only possible on the operator’s infrastructure. For this reason, the operator usually offers an IP trunk branching service with customer calls for recording purposes. This method of recording mobile phones is implemented in cooperation with a mobile operator, which redirects a set of mobile phones (MSISDN) to the IP trunk based on the request of the end customer. The only condition for recording in this way is the existence of a redirection service with a mobile operator.

An extension of contact center functions for home office workers

An extension of contact center functions
for home office workers


Key features of solution for home office

  • reliable and stable recording of customer interactions and screens, including the application of Quality Management modules
  • it is possible to start screen recording, if certain conditions are met, for example start of the phone call or other criteria
  • image data can be played on a Windows PC, which is equipped with client access to the ReDat eXperience application server
  • synchronous playback of screen recordings with a telephone call
  • secure storage of data without the possibility of modification or misuse
  • playback of recorded calls according to the authorization system
  • you can define a no / recording time for all SIMs under a given branch
  • SMS / MMS recording can be performed provided the interface is defined
  • you can export data to an MP3 file
  • it is possible to sort / search calls according to metadata available in the IP stream (phone number, login / employee name, time, date, call duration…)
  • calls are available in the archive for the entire storage period
  • stored recordings are encrypted with a strong cipher
Screen recording
  • In some cases, screen recording is required to monitor the agent’s work. Screens are recorded via the ReDat ScreenRecording software product.
  • You can work synchronously with the recorded screens and voice recording.

How ReDat ScreenRecording works
  1. The “Screen Driver” application for screen recording, which communicates with the recording device, is installed and automatically launched on the PC agent intended for recording.

  2. As soon as the application detects any change in the image data during the recording, it processes the data and sends it over the IP (LAN / WAN) network to the recording device, which records and stores it.

  3. The data obtained in this way can be displayed on the monitor again, while maintaining the time ratios. If the screens were recorded at the same time as the phone call, these recordings can be played back synchronously.