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Our company conducts cutting-edge research and possess a team of professionals with years of experience, backed up by a variety of reference projects implemented in Czech Republic and around the world.

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We are GDPR Ready!

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Have you already heard about GDPR? It is a new framework of personal data protection in the European area. Your clients´ personal data worth to be protected.

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ReDat Cloud Recording

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ReDat Cloud Recording is our new service for acquiring and processing of interactions, their administration and quality management in hosted virtual environment.

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New regulation MiFID II

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Nowadays, most calls are made via mobile phones, so it is necessary to secure a record of such communication.

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We deploy state-of-the-art scientific expertise as quickly as possible and are a trendsetter in the field of contact and dispatch centre quality management. Keyword and emotion analysis, dialogue flow, topic detection, speech-to-text and the deployment of artificial intelligence in the form of self-learning systems all represent significant achievements.

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The ReDat system provides a technologically independent recording solution, quality management and voice analysis for contact centres of all sizes. Recording systems are commonly used by successful commercial call centres, major mobile network operators, large banks, utility companies and private companies in various sectors.  Learn more about CONTACT CENTRES 



A reliable recording solution for communication between dispatchers, including radio and data transmission, complete with integration into the dispatch information system is one of ReDat’s strengths. Our system is typically used by police, fire and emergency response units and in the transport and power industries.  Learn more about DISPATCH CENTRES



The ATM/ATC segment demands recording systems deliver maximum stability and security with a sufficient level of quality. ReDat supports short-term and long-term archiving of recordings, simultaneous synchronised playback of multiple channels and the recording of air traffic controller screens.  Learn more about AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL.

Recording, analysis and management... ...voice, screen, data.

Recording, analysis and management...
...voice, screen, data.


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